Helping the white squirrels of brevard Nc

Adopt a White Squirrel

By adopting a Brevard White Squirrel
you are  contributing towards

the conservation of this

unique squirrel found

in Brevard, North Carolina

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Adopting a Brevard White Squirrel

For $25 per year, you can adopt your own white squirrel. You can select a boy or a girl and you will receive a Certificate of Adoption and a photo of your squirrel.

It’s true you’re not adopting a specific white squirrel in the wild. But your annual adoption fee will be directed towards the efforts of our local White Squirrel conservation and  rehabilitation efforts. Funds raised will also help defray costs associated with the annual white squirrel count, printed materials regarding the results of the survey, and other conservation-related expenses.

During our annual White Squirrel Festival (over Memorial Day Weekend), you can also adopt a squirrel at our Heart of Brevard information booth.

Donate for a Cause

Transylvania County has a very active wild life rehabilitation community. This community is made up of passionate individuals that give tirelessly of their time and their money to help sick, and injured animals.

One of the directives of the White Squirrel Institute is raise money to help defray the rehabilitators cost that goes into the care of our wildlife.

Your tax deductible donation would go a long way in helping Transylvania wild life and our White Squirrels.