The Fox Squirrel

South Carolina’s diverse landscape provides a haven for a variety of fascinating creatures, and the fox squirrel is no exception. While often overshadowed by their gray cousins, these charismatic squirrels add a touch of russet charm to the Palmetto State’s woodlands.

A Splendid Sight:

The fox squirrel is a sight to behold. Larger than the common gray squirrel, it boasts a bushy tail and a coat that comes in various color phases. In South Carolina, you’ll most likely encounter the gray phase, but keep an eye out for the black and brown phases as well. All three share a distinctive feature – black and white patches adorning their nose, paws, and ears.

Finding their Footing:

Fox squirrels primarily call the Coastal Plain home, with their presence diminishing as you move towards the Piedmont and Blue Ridge regions. They favor mature pine forests, especially those dominated by longleaf pines, but can also be found in mixed stands of pines and hardwoods.

A Life in the Trees:

These agile climbers spend most of their time amongst the branches, meticulously searching for food. Their diet is an opportunistic one, consisting mainly of nuts, seeds, and fruits. But don’t be surprised if you see them munching on insects, flowers, or even the occasional bird egg.

Living in Harmony:

While fox squirrels were once hunted, their populations have stabilized thanks to conservation efforts. Today, they share the South Carolina landscape with us, adding a touch of wildlife to our parks, forests, and even backyards.

So, the next time you’re exploring the outdoors, keep an eye out for these magnificent creatures. With a little patience, you might just catch a glimpse of the elusive fox squirrel, a true gem of the South Carolina wilderness.