Jeanette Schmitt is a Federal & State Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator and lives here in Transylvania County. Jeanette works tirelessly to save injured wildlife. and she received 417 phone calls in 2018.

“Here is my end of the year report for this past year. It was both hectic and challenging but I had many saves with God’s help! Amazingly, I survived all the phone calls and rehabilitating 110 animals from April through December. However, I received 5 injured birds at the end of the year that had broken wings & brain damage from a collision injury. All recovered but not before winter set in so I have to winter 5 birds until Spring which is a big expense and a lot of work, especially with this cold weather we are having. Loss of power, heat & water is a big nuisance when taking care of pets and wildlife, not to mention keeping the wild birds healthy and alive while in captivity. Birds are extremely hard to keep going for 4-5 months and although frustrated, they are eating and doing well. We’ll see what 2019 brings!”

I have called her myself several times over the past couple years after finding baby birds that have fallen out of their nests and needing advice on best course of actions and  to hurt birds that were in need of her tender care. I am so grateful to have her as a resource. Thank you Jeanette!

Below are just a few of Jeanette’s patients. Photos were taken by Jeanette.

Please make a donation to help Jeanette with the purchase of food, medical supplies, bedding and other needed items.