Marie and her son were out for a walk on a Friday afternoon on a cold January day in our nations capitol. They both love the outdoors and enjoy walking around DC looking at the beautiful architecture that is found in the buildings around the city.

Her son is an animal lover, and is going to be a veterinarian technician. He is always on the look out for animals on their outings (he has an eagle for finding the unusual). As he and his mom were walking by the White House (yes that White House) he glanced up and to his surprise he saw a white squirrel. He said quietly, “mom look there is a white squirrel” as he pointed up in the tree. Much to Marie’s surprise she see’s the white squirrel in the tree. They were intrigued, as they had never seen a white squirrel. They stood watching the white squirrel for at least twenty minutes and then the squirrel came down as if to say, “hello and feed me please”. Marie said the white squirrel seemed used to people feeding him and was unafraid.

As they continued to watch the white squirrel a father and son visiting from China, stopped and asked what they were looking at. Marie pointed to the white squirrel, which was now on the ground, and told the visitor how rare the white squirrel was especially to be seen in Washington DC. He did not understand English very well, but after Marie showed him pictures of the typical gray squirrels that inhabit DC he finally understood what a treat it was to see this rare white squirrel and in front of the White House.

We would like to thank Marie and her son for sharing their white squirrel encounter with us and for sharing their pictures of this very unusual white squirrel sighting.

Note: we were a little creative with photoshop with our hero shot (we just could not resist), however this lovely little squirrel was on the White House grounds when the photo’s were taken.