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Fox Carolina -Access Carolina 2/2/24 – White Squirrel Day

NYPost.com – 1/31/24. North Carolina’s Pisgah Penny the squirrel

For 10 years, people in Brevard, North Carolina, have turned to a white squirrel for their weather prognostication.

The center of attraction used to be Pisgah Pete, but because of his retirement, Penelope Ella Catherine Elizabeth – also known as Pisgah Penny – will be surrounded by fanfare.

In addition to the weather forecast, this busy little squirrel will also take a stab at who will come out victorious in the upcoming Super Bowl.

Channel 7 WSPA Zip Trip 2023 for the White Squirrel Festival.

Pisgah Penny, Brevard’s newest White Squirrel Ambassador rings in the White Squirrel Weekend Festival with Jamarcus Gaston with Channel 7 News, Brevard’s Mayor, Maureen Copelof, Sheri Blythe (White Squirrel Rehabber) and Katy Rosenberg, Director of the White Squirrel Institute.

Channel 7 WSPA

The White Squirrels of Brevard

There is an adorably peculiar creature scurrying about one of Western North Carolina’s most beloved cities. Brevard is home to a rare species of white squirrels—they are not albinos but are mostly snow white with tufts of dark gray fur on their heads and sometimes streaking down their backs. If you’ve never seen one in person, you may think them a myth or perhaps a marketing tactic by the town. No doubt the animal is real. Their origin story, however, perhaps that is up for you to decide.

Move Over, Phil: Pisgah Pete Predicts Perfectly

Before the mayor opens the ceremony, before the news crews arrive, and before the crowds react to his forecasts, Pisgah Pete will eat his usual breakfast of one blueberry, one pecan, and one tiny heap of lettuce. Pisgah Pete is a squirrel and Saturday is a big day for him. Gardenandgun.com

Just south of Asheville, the town of Brevard is home to rare white squirrels. (Rumor has it that the population derives from an escaped carnival squirrel.)…

Who’s right? Some NC animals disagree with Punxsutawney Phil’s Sunday morning call…Brevard celebrated its sixth annual White Squirrel Day and to commemorate the event, the town’s own white squirrel ambassador, Pisgah Pete, …

White Squirrel Day: Pisgah Pete says we’ll have six more weeks of winter at Brevard event
BREVARD — Pisgah Pete, the town’s adopted rescue squirrel and goodwill ambassador, predicted with confidence that Western North Carolina will …

Pisgah Pete predicts early spring at White Squirrel Day

No groundhog needed to mark spring here. N.C. town uses a squirrel. A white one. News & Record

No groundhog needed to mark spring here. NC town uses this ‘darned cute’ rodent. Charlotte Observer

Read more here: https://www.charlotteobserver.com/latest-news/article225394725.html#storylink=cpy

Pisgah Pete Set To Predict, Squirrel Count Returning Transylvania Times

City of Brevard prepares for the 5th annual White Squirrel Day News 13 WLOS

Brevard celebrates White Squirrel Day on Feb. 2. Mountain Xpress

Chimney Rock plans Groundhog Day event; White Squirrel Day to be held in Brevard Blue Ridge Now

5 things to do groundhog day, super bowl, puppy bowl Blue Ridge Now

Celebrate groundhogs galore — and a squirrel — this weekend Asheville Citizen Times

Move Over, Phil: Pisgah Pete Predicts Perfectly Gun & Garden

Brevard White Squirrels Atlas Obsura

White Squirrel Festival, Brevard Romantic Asheville

White Squirrel Wars Roadside America

White Squirrels: Truth or Tale? NC Field Family

Brevard’s famous squirrels branch out into Henderson County
Blue Ridge Now

Squirrels of White NY Times

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