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White Squirrel Headpatch

White Squirrel Headpatch

Because of observing nesting patterns and interactions of mother and offspring (and because I don't have a life and watch squirrels much to much), I have been able to track the variations in the head patch and dorsal stripes and confirm that specific patterns are...

Self-Guided Tour

Self-Guided Tour

The original self-guided tour was a collection of foam board posters displayed at the Transylvania Heritage Museum each Memorial Day weekend.  A handout describing the posters resembled this document but lacked its detail and transitions.  That was intentional so that...

Summary of 2009 Squirrel Count

[Transcribed from 2 April 2010 Transylvania Times] Brevard’s white squirrels would seem to be doing well as preparations are being made for the Sixth Annual White Squirrel Festival on Memorial Day weekend. Under the supervision of the Heart of Brevard, community...

Inheritance: Dominant or Recessive?

Inheritance: Dominant or Recessive?

This is a relatively technical (and wordy) posting.  The first few paragraphs outline just enough genetics to understand the terminology.  If you've had Biology 101, this is probably review.  The rest is algebra.  If this kind of approach is not for you, suffice it to...


Burgin, Jennifer.  Notable Observations.Dalzell, Bonnie. 1997. Canine Coat Color - Inheritance and Appearance (coat colors and coat color inheritance in dogs) with an emphasis on Colors in Borzoi. Glesener, Robert R.. White Squirrel Research Institute.Glesener, Robert...

The WSRI Director

UPDATE: Our deepest sympathy goes to Dr. Glesener's family in his passing. GLESENER, ROBERT. Associate Professor of Biology, Emeritus, Brevard College. B.S., University of Maryland (Zoology); M.S. (Zoology) and Ph.D. (Biological Sciences), University of Michigan.  I...

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