Walnut White Squirrel Adoption


We have added pricing options due to long delivery times within the USPS.

$25 Adoption

$25.00 Adoption includes White Squirrel Adoption delivery in Electronic PDF format. We guarantee your adoption will be emailed within three days of receiving your adoption application.

$35.00 Adoption

$35.00 Adoption includes White Squirrel Adoption packet mailed via 1st Class mail with tracking. This option with current USPS mail can take up to 20 days delivery time to the west of Mississippi in our experience in 2022. We can not guarantee exact time of delivery, but will have the ability to track the packet.

$40.00 Adoption

$40.00 Adoption includes White Squirrel Adoption packet mailed via UPS groundClick here to see UPS delivery map. If you feel you need include a faster delivery time. Please call us at 828-548-0491 to arrange a faster delivery option via UPS Overnight, two day or three day ship time. Note faster delivery times will add additional costs.


Once you have completed this White Squirrel Adoption form. Click the submit button at the bottom of the page and you will be redirected to our  Paypal page where you can select how you would like to send your White Squirrel Adoption.

Please indicate if your squirrel is a female or male squirrel by checking one of the boxes above.


If this is a GIFT, to be mailed to another person, please provide the following information.

After clicking the Submit button you will be given a link that will re-direct to our payment page.

Thank you for your support.