WALNUT White Squirrel Adoption

Walnut Adoption Includes:

  • Official White Squirrel Adoption Certificate

  • Picture of Your White Squirrel

  • Personalized Introduction Letter

  • Your adoption does not include a live white squirrel

It can take up to 3 days to process your White Squirrel Adoption from the time we receive your adoption application. 

If your White Squirrel Adoption is intended as a Christmas Gift here is our ordering schedule and cut off times: 

December 13, 2023
• Adoptions opting for USPS Ground Advantage

December 15, 2023
• Adoptions opting for UPS Ground

December 22, 2023
• Last day to place order for Online Adoptions in PDF Format


walnut white squirrel adoption kit

We have added pricing options due to long delivery times within the USPS.

$25 Adoption – 

$25.00 Adoption includes White Squirrel Adoption delivery in Electronic PDF format. 

$35.00 Adoption 

$35.00 Adoption includes White Squirrel Adoption packet mailed via USPS Ground Advantage with tracking. This option with current USPS mail we can not guarantee exact time of delivery, but will have the ability to track the packet

$40.00 Adoption

$40.00 Adoption includes White Squirrel Adoption packet mailed via UPS ground

Adoption Application Form

Please indicate if your squirrel is a female or male squirrel by checking one of the boxes above.


If this is a GIFT, to be mailed to another person, please provide the following information.