The Study Area

The study area  follows the original Brevard city limits.  For those familiar with Brevard, the study area is bordered by Brevard Middle School on the north, Brevard Elementary School on the east, Brevard High School on the south, and Brevard Music Center on the west (although the latter is just outside the study area).

Individual sector maps for the squirrel counts can be found below along with an interactive Google map.

Squirrel Count Area

Study Area = 2.96 Square Miles (1896.4 acres)
Centered on Courthouse (elevation 2,230 ft), Brevard NC 28712,
See below for list of acreage of all Sectors.

* The method used is referred to as the English Area Grid. A transparency with a regular pattern of dots is overlayed onto a map for each Sector. The number of dots following with the boundary of the Sector are counted and the corresponding acreage is determined from a formula relating the map’s scale to area.