After an accumlations of 15 years of data, I felt it was time to summarize and share observations from the Brevard Squirrel Count with the regional scientific community, particularly because an earlier presentation (2001) had been premature and misinterpreted current trends.  With support from the Heart of Brevard, I made three brief presentations at the North Carolina Academy of Science (NCAS) Annual Meetings, March 23-25th 2012 (my presentations were back-to-back on the afternoon of the 24th).  When I say brief, I mean brief.  The oral presentations were limited to about 10 minutes plus Q&A but the printed abstracts were even more terse, limited to 250 total words.  More lengthy presentations of the same material can be cound in various other posts at this website (  Click on the individual titles below for their abstract.

(1) Brevard, North Carolina’s Annual Squirrel Count Shows Gradual Increase of White Variant Over 15 Years.

(2) Indirect Evidence for a Dominant Inheritance of Brevard, North Carolina’s White Squirrel Variant.

(3) Relationship Between Eastern Gray Squirrel Abundance and Mast in Western North Carolina.

For the complete proceedings of the meetings held at Campbell University click here
(my abstracts are on pages 46-47).